Knowledge Centre

The Rise of Teledentistry as a Sustainable Solution

Life Can Throw You a Curve. Be Prepared by Planning Your Transition Now!

The Hard Conversations Around Accountability: (Spoiler) They Do NOT Have to be as Hard as You Think!

Dental CEO’s and Crossing the Great Divide

Out With the Old and In With the New!

Planning for a Successful 2024

The Most Important “Task” that Should Be in EVERY Job Description

To Delegate or Not to Delegate: That IS Still the Question

That Which You Delegate CAN be Delegated Again!

The Delegation Train Keeps on Rolling!

Delegation Level II: Keeping the CEO in the Loop!

Creating YOUR Delegation System

Working With Your Leadership Team

Cultivating Your “Thriving” Mindset

Is Your CEO Mindset Ready to Thrive?

CEO’s Know They Cannot Do It All: Getting Into Delegation!

Creating a SMART Dental CEO Mindset!

It’s Okay to Spoil Your Team!

Happiness in Private Practice: What Can You Let Go Of?

Are You Truly Happy in Dentistry?

Can You STILL Be Happy in Private Practice?

Now That You Know You Need Cross-Training, What Comes Next?

It’s SUMMERTIME! This is Why We Cross-train!

Economic Challenges Ahead

Education Needs to be a Team Effort!

Are You Ready to be Creative?

Do You Really Want to Wing It?

Do You Really Want to Give Up on Hygiene?

Your Best Business Decision for 2022: Invest in You!

Having a Vision DOES Matter!

I Don’t Want to Play Employee Roulette: What Do I Do?

Playing the Game of Employee Roulette?

Your Leadership Mettle is Being Tested!

Care to Lead

You NEED to be the Ideal Employer

Eliminating the “Can’t Beat’em, Better Join’em” Mindset!

Congratulations! You’re the New Office Manager! Now What?

Taking the Technology Step

What If It’s NOT All Covid’s Fault?

Branding Your Practice After COVID: What You NEED to Know to Stand Out From the Crowd

The More Things Change, The More They Should NOT Remain the Same!

The Leadership Lesson of 2020

Fear: It May Be a GREAT Motivator…But it Seldom Motivates You Toward Greatness!

Dentistry in the Second Wave

Building Your Basics: Building Your Confidence

Are Your Recovery Fundamentals in Order?

What Can the Cost Conscious Dentist Do?

Shawn Peers Speaks at the CIDE New Dentist Bootcamp

Start 2019 By Telling Me What You See!

Great Events Remind Us of the Importance of Great Generosity

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