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Our group practice has been a member Dental Peers for three decades. They are able to provide significant savings on supplies and services for our dental practice. Shawn and Eileen are always available for expert advice on office strategies to improve patient care and office productivity. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any Dentist who sees the obvious benefits of belonging to their group.

Martin LaBoissonniere

We have been working with Dental Peers for many years now and we never cease to learn and be impressed! They are constantly bringing more and more to our practice. We love that Shawn and Eileen’s approach is always focused on patient-care first. They have helped us develop systems to ensure that our doctors and staff are delivering the highest quality care for our patients. They put our patient’s needs, our doctor’s needs and our staff’s needs on top of list; all the while increasing our efficiency and our bottom-line… not to mention reducing the stress of everyday practice problems! Thank you for being such an important part of our practice.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Khouri

We have been members of the Dental Peers buying group for many years and can only attest to the many benefits of this membership. As a single office, we have loved getting the discounts associated with the purchasing power of a much larger group. The support offered is also incredible and trusted. Anytime we have needed them, both Shawn and Eileen have been there for us. They offer a unique Management Study Club which has been very helpful in providing guidance on different HR issues as well as providing support for running the business of dentistry. Most importantly, they have really allowed us to focus on what we do best and were trained for (clinical dentistry) while getting reliable, competent support in a host of other areas.

Dr. Gordon Schwartz

The office managers training, support and study club offers a vast array of experience and knowledge, brought to the table by Shawn and Eileen Peers, guest speakers and members. It guides and supports managers, at any point in their career, to a more productive and harmonized team. With an innovative way of ensuring that the owners and managers are developing their leadership skills allowing them to successfully run the business.

Chantal Montgomery

The office managers' program is a great place to learn, organize, and regroup! Having so many office managers in one place offers in-depth discussion opportunities not usually available to them. Having the opportunity to ask questions, comment, and endorse how and what other colleagues are doing is definitely a confidence booster!

Tina Delaney

Great leaders inspire more leaders with their expertise and dedication. Dental Peers clearly leads and helps educate by example to help develop more great leaders in dentistry.

Victoria Eton

Lincon Fields Dental Centre has been a member of the Peers Buying Group since 2005. We have enjoyed significant savings of our dental supplies as a result. The practice management component of Dental Peers has proven to be invaluable. I hired Shawn and Eileen Peers to consult within my practice in August 2015. Hygiene production has increased significantly. Some month we are seeing an increase of almost 30%! All employees now have signed employee contracts, and Eileen and Shawn have been invaluable in regards to human resources. Systems have been implemented that have led to increased productivity, safety and overall staff approval. I would not hesitate whatsoever in recommending The Peers Group to any dental practice.

Dr. Gillian Espie D.D.S (Dalhousie 1989) http://lincolnfieldsdentalcentre.com/

Dr. James Carere

Dr. Sami Kandalaft

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