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We focus on making your career DREAMS a REALITY!


It started in the 80’s when 7 Ottawa dental offices were looking to change the way they did business. They wanted to maintain their independence. Yet they knew there was value in their combined purchasing power!

So, they turned to Eileen Peers for help! And for over 35 years, they have received more help than they ever could have imagined!

Word of a good thing soon spread across Ottawa and the buying group grew to over 200 dentists! And we are still growing!

Eileen’s son, Shawn, came on board in 2008 and brought his experience as a lawyer and an MBA grad to work exclusively for the dental profession. And things at Dental Peers have just continued to get better and better!

With the added firepower Shawn provided, Dental Peers added services of consulting and management training. Our unique approach to consulting helps you ensure that YOUR patients are NUMBER 1! And YOUR revenues WILL increase!

Whether you are interested in our consulting services or the buying group, we encourage you to contact us and let us help you fulfill YOUR dental dream!

Our Team

Shawn Peers

Shawn possesses both a Masters in Law as well as a Masters in Business Administration, an educational combination that is unique to the field of dental consultants. This combination allows him to view the business structure behind the daily operations and make sure his clients have established their practice using the best and most efficient framework possible.

Eileen Byrne Peers

Eileen Byrne Peers has been passionately involved in dentistry for almost 40 years. Her career path in this field began in 1960 when she attended a Dental Assistant training program in the RCAF. Her experience was one that left an impression on both her mind and heart and gave new meaning to ‘the gift of a smile’.

Roundtable Advisory Panel

Dentistry is always changing. Changing labour markets…rapidly evolving technology…corporate acquisitions. It is a very dynamic environment that really challenges the dentist in private practice to keep up!

It is certainly hard for any one individual to stay on top of all the developments in the world of dentistry. So we created our Roundtable Advisory Board to help!

Our members benefit from their contributions and you can too!

This is a group of progressive, forward-thinking dentists who are focused on meeting the needs of private practice. They understand the importance of leadership. They know how to decide if now is the time to invest in new technology…to buy another office…and to sell their own practice.

They get it because they live it! And they share it with DentalPeers to make US better. To make our members better. To make private practice better.

We are always looking to be just one percent better than the best. Having access to the DentalPeers Roundtable Advisory Board can help get you there.

Dr. John Chu

Dr. John Chu is a graduate of Northwestern University and a general dentist in Barrhaven since 1998. He’s been a member of Dental Peers for as long as he has been in Ottawa. As a new grad trying to establish himself he credits the advice and services of the organization with many aspects of his professional success.

Dr. Sam Lee

I have been a dentist in Ottawa (Orleans) for over 30 years. I have a member with the Peers buying group since its inception. The membership had allowed my team and I to focus our attention on patient care.... what we do best. There has cumulatively been a very significant savings in both time and expense for our practice over the many years of our business relationship.

Dr. Bracanovich

I’m the founder and sole owner of Sparks Dental clinic since it’s inception in 1996 and have been practicing dentistry since 1995. I have been a member of the Peers Group for over 15 years and I greatly benefited from their support in office management and office insurance, savings in dental supplies, continuous support with new technologies and materials, providing information via CE courses, and recent webinars and newsletter. My passion for Dentistry, love for patient care and hunger for learning has been a privilege that lead me to have a successful career with the gift of energy and drive to enjoy my full time practice after more than 25 years with a feeling like it’s only the beginning of my career. I’m proud to be involved in organized dentistry through the ODS and I’m happy to contribute to my local society with my knowledge and expertise while supporting membership. For many years, I have dedicated my time to multiple volunteer initiatives and charities, including the Ottawa Mission dental clinic

Dr. Khouri

Dr. Khouri is an Ottawa-area practising dentist and owner of the Innes Dental Health Group. Dr. Khouri has a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Université de Montréal; in private practice for over 10 years and a long time member of Dental Peers. He runs a 9-operatory clinic in central Ottawa with a particular interest in implementing digital processes and technology to all aspects of private practice.

Dr. Ghamian

Dr. Ghamian graduated from McGill School of Dentistry in 2002 and the AEGD from the University of Michigan in 2003. He has been one of the principle owners of Centrum Dental since 2004. His passion for his community is evident through his being a co-founder of such great charitable initiatives, including the Free Dentistry Day Initiative (2015) and the Canadian Dentists for Refugees (2016). He is also an Optimize Coach since 2019 and has been a member of DentalPeers since 2004.

Dr. Ami Barakat

Dr. Ami Barakat is a renowned Ottawa dentist and author with over 20 years of experience. He graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, and followed with a multidisciplinary residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. He founded his current practice, Villanova Dental Studio, in 2004 and has benefitted from his membership with DentalPeers since 2018. Dr. Barakat has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his talents, achievements, and passion for excellence in dentistry, including the OBJ "Forty under 40 Award", as well as being named a Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics. His passions include cosmetic makeovers, orthodontics, TMD treatment, as well as physiologic and neuromuscular dentistry.

Dr. Manish Goel

I graduated from the University of Alberta and practice dentistry in Calgary. I am a member of the ADA, CDA, and CDDS. Currently, I run the Calgary Multidisciplinary Dental Society (CMDS) and am an alumni of the Pankey Institute and Spear Education. I have been using Dental Peers for the last few years and found savings through the group buying plan with regard to supplies and repairs. I will also be using Dental Peers for my insurance needs. Shawn Peers has been a helpful support!

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