Come Join Your Peers

For 35 years, Dental Peers has been helping dentists give the most to their patients.

Purchasing Group

We can strenghten you purchasing power while allowing you to enjoy delivering oral health care on your terms.

Consulting Services

At Dental Peers we know that your Dental Practice is a complex integration of business and health care practices.

Office Manager's Study Club

We provide executive consultation and education opportunities to the people who keep all things running smoothly.

Purchasing Group

Do you enjoy the autonomy of operating your own independent, dental office? Do you value the ability to provide individualized care to your patients that focuses on their needs?  Still, do you wish there was a way to reduce some of your business costs?


Then DentalPeers is for you!


We are a network of proud, independent practitioners who value the freedom to practice dentistry that puts our patient first! However, we also recognize that there is strength in numbers.


With almost 200 member dentists across Canada, we leverage that buying power  to negotiate the lowest prices possible for you. From dental sundries and services to patient confirmation systems, if you need it, we can get you the best price.


So if you value your autonomy but love to save money….COME JOIN YOUR PEERS!


Consulting Services

We know quality patient care is your top priority. You want your practice to be profitable, but not if it means compromising on your patients.


At DentalPeers Consulting we share your priorities! That is why when you work with us, we strive to best integrate our business solutions with your standard of care.


We work closely with you and your team to develop your “patient first” vision in a way that unites everyone in the pursuit of top quality dentistry.


When your team is bound together by a common purpose, not only does patient care improve, your business also becomes more profitable. Talk about winning on all counts!


If you would like to learn more about our consulting services, contact DentalPeers today.


Office Manager's Study Club

Managing a dental office takes a mix of skills…clinical, HR expertise, accounting, teaching just to name a few. Can one person really be expected  to master all these skills?


It may sound daunting, but we believe it can be done. You just need to start with a strong foundation.


The DentalPeers Office Manager training program can help.


Our sessions are uniquely designed to blend together the skills you need in all areas and help you achieve your goal of being the best office manager you can be!


If you are interested in learning more, contact DentalPeers today.


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