Yes, Doctor…You CAN be a Great CEO

Yes, Doctor…You CAN be a Great CEO

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will notice that I place a great deal of emphasis on encouraging dentists to approach their business with the mindset of a CEO. I want to move you from thinking like a small business owner so you can better embrace the power of your team!

Unfortunately, all too often, dentists respond by telling me they do not have the knowledge or the skills to become a great CEO. Now I do agree you will have things to learn, but let me be entirely clear on this one point:

Doctor…you DO have the skills to become a great CEO! Perhaps even more surprisingly, you learned many of those skills in dental school. In particular, there are skills dentists develop through their education that can translate to great success as a CEO.

Being detail oriented is vital for CEO’s as you do not want to overlook any detail in your business. And dentists have to track all aspects of their patients’ health information. They can be fastidious in paying attention to aesthetic details. Details matter to dentists!

Many businesses succeed because they are creative when they need to be, but systematic in their approach to most problems. Dentistry is the same – care protocols employed by dentists to respond to various oral health conditions are adhered to in a systematic way. Research has shown what works in most cases and dentists will follow that research.

When systems do not provide the best solution, CEO’s need to put on their problem solver cap. Similarly, if a patient does not respond to traditional care protocols in the expected way, providing the best care means dentists must become extraordinary problem solvers.

Becoming a creative problem solver does not mean CEO’s will throw caution to the wind. Risk management is essential to solving some problems without actually making things worse for the business. Dentists certainly do not want to put their patient’s in a worse condition than they were at the start, so in considering treatment options, risk management is an essential skill for their work.

Finally, that ability to see things through to the end can require incredible perseverance. With all of the pressures facing dentists in the profession today, there is no doubt dentists have incredible levels of perseverance.

Yes, doctors…you will probably need to improve some of your business and leadership skills to  truly grow into the role of becoming a great CEO. And I agree business and leadership skills do not make up a huge part of a dental school curriculum. But look at the skills dental school did provide you! What a great foundation to build on.

Once you realize how much dental school really did teach you about essential CEO skills, you realize the only thing holding you back from becoming that CEO is YOU. Don’t let YOU be the reason you never reach your full potential.

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