The Rise of Teledentistry as a Sustainable Solution

The Rise of Teledentistry as a Sustainable Solution

Really getting the business side of your practice operating effectively does take time. You need time to plan, strategize, and execute the decisions that will drive your business forward.

Unfortunately, most dentists I speak with constantly tell me time is the one commodity they never can find enough of. I get that! As a practice owner, it is not easy to balance your time as the primary revenue producer and the forward-thinking CEO. You know you have to do the dentistry – that is what brings in the revenue. You cannot afford to let that slide!

And it seems that every day, there are new mountains to climb…new fires to put out…from supply issues, to operational issues to HR issues – there is always something urgent that demands your immediate attention.

How do you find time to be the CEO that plans for the growth of their business?

Obviously, you cannot take away too much of the time you spend delivering dentistry. With the exception of any partner or associate you may be working with, there is no other member of your team you can delegate the dentistry to.

So what about all those issues that interfere with the rest of your day? Do you really need to be the one addressing those issues? Or could you delegate some of them to other team members?

There is a pretty good chance you have already hired people to take on those responsibilities. But still, far too many allow themselves to be drawn into these issues, often thinking they can solve any problems in no time and everyone will be able to move on.

The question is how much time are you spending on those tasks and, more importantly, how would it change your life and your business if you reallocated that time to truly being the CEO!

Most dentists have no desire to lose time on these administrative issues. When ask them how much time do they lose to such tasks, the answer is often “too much.” The problem is “too much” is not a specific answer. It is not a response that will prompt a change in behaviour. To really motivate such a change, you need a very specific answer to this question.

So I like to have these dentists actually log their time. I present them with a document that resembles the old time dockets I had to fill out in my days as a lawyer and I have them track the amount of time the spend on every task – and I need them to be honest about it.

Pretend they are billing for their time…because they are! Record every minute you spend on every task on a time log.

When you do this for a month, you will see a real, quantifiable number of how many hours you are losing to tasks no dentist or CEO should be responsible for. Many dentists discovered that number was between 5 to 10 hours per week. Imagine what you could accomplish with an additional 5 to 10 hours to work on your business – to plan like a real CEO! Imagine how much more successful your practice could be!

If you are struggling to find the time to develop a plan for your business, you need to audit your time just like this. You might be surprised at how much time you really have if you could just see how much time you lose doing the work of other people.

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