It’s Always the Little Things!

It’s Always the Little Things!

Life is full of big plans… big announcements… big changes!

Perhaps your review of your 2018 business performance has left you feeling the need to make some big changes to make 2019 that much more successful.

Unfortunately, many of us become paralyzed by the thought of change. We know we need it. We know we would be better off if we achieved it. But the process of sweeping, dramatic change in our dental world can become overwhelming.

Even when we accept the need for change, we still have to convince others around us to come along for the exciting ride.

But there is one important aspect to keep in mind…

Change is never one, sweeping, dramatic event. Rather, it is a series of small adjustments that, properly executed, can add up to huge success!

Sometimes, the best way to convince a reluctant warrior to join you in the change journey is not so much to promise huge rewards from overwhelming change. Rather, it is to focus on how changing little things can be done with minimum inconvenience but noticeable results.

So let’s consider how minor adjustments to our systems might lead to substantial savings in repair expenses!

Repairs and maintenance may not seem to be your biggest expense, so you may wonder why worry about it. But the little things always count. They add up. Saving a few pennies here and there will make a difference in your bottom line come year end.

And it is so easy to do. I recommend we begin with new equipment. That equipment will usually come with warranty protection. It could be from the manufacturer or the distributor. It may be for parts and/or service. The warranties for any of these could vary on the same piece of equipment.

Do you know what those warranties are? For every piece of equipment in your office?

If not, you need to develop a system that allows you to track each such warranty. Whether you use an “old fashioned” log book or your computer, record the date of purchase and the expiration date of all relevant warranties. That way, your service tech can inspect it and recommend any necessary work while it is on someone else’s dime!

Speaking of your service techs, make sure you have them coming in regularly to perform routine, preventative maintenance. This can save you big time on repair or replacement costs…not to mention the downtime associated with equipment breakdown.

When your service tech comes in, be prepared by making sure they can focus on your priority items. You and your team work with your equipment everyday. You know what items are not working well.

Have  team members record those items and then train your service tech to review that list before they look at anything else. Having them wander aimlessly, looking over equipment that is functioning perfectly is a waste of time and money.

Don’t cancel a scheduled visit just because you may not have any specific concerns. That is the time to allow your service tech to do a general review. You never know what they might find!

Organizing warranty reviews and service visits are little things…one that should not strike terror into the hearts of your most change adverse team members. But they are little steps that that add up to huge savings. And it is always the little things that count!

About the Author

Shawn possesses both a Masters in Law as well as a Masters in Business Administration, an educational combination that is unique to the field of dental consultants. This combination allows him to view the business structure behind the daily operations and make sure his clients have established their practice using the best and most efficient framework possible.

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