Industries Served

We understand the issues and opportunities unique to banking, retail and professional services. But we’re not siloed, either. We share ideas, methodologies and knowledge across all of our industry teams. Whether your business is in retail or financial services, you have the experience and knowledge of StrategicFront standing behind you. Our experienced consultants are leaders in their practice and fields. We put ourselves in your shoes and offer solutions that meet your unique needs within your industry.

Financial Services

The financial services industry, including banking, investments and insurance firms are being rapidly disrupted by a wave of changes. Some of those disruptions include digital transformations, electronic currencies, robotic advisory models, process automations and a personalized client experience. All of these disruptions require you to structure your PROJECT delivery approach, ensure PROCESS evolution is hand-in-hand with digital evolution, and conduct CHANGE in a systematic and sustainable manner to have a lasting impact. StrategicFront understands that and partners with you to smoothen your journey to help your realize your goals.


The retail industry is faced with new ways to streamline supply-chain, leverage best in class technology to increase delivery and sales channels, and find innovative approaches to transact with customers locally and globally. Additionally, M&A in the retail space has seen a significant rise with both local and global players to increase market share. The continuous strive towards perfection of the retail ecosystem require you to ensure you invest in the right PROJECT to maximize your returns, improve PROCESS to meet the goals of your key initiatives, and execute CHANGE to minimize impact to both colleagues and customers. StrategicFront understands that and partners with you to ensure success with your top of mind strategies.

Professional Services

The professional services industry is about one thing – its people. Your people know best how to deliver the services that they specialize in – be it technology products, IT services, consulting services, training courses or operations support. Where we can help is to ensure that the services being delivered to our clients have a disciplined PROJECT focused delivery approach, redefined PROCESS designed to enhance the delivery experience, and apply any CHANGE in your organization so your clients receive the services successfully…every time.


We value our clients and the projects we’re able to help push across the finish line. Here are some of the companies we’ve been able to work with.

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