Make Your Vision Your Reality!

Make Your Vision Your Reality!

A dream!

A vision!

The desire to offer a service or product that makes a difference to people.

These are the factors that motivate many individuals to pursue a career path that is fraught with risk…but so rewarding when successful…the desire to create one’s own small business!

Of course, the desire to profit is also there. But for most long standing, successful enterprises, profit is the result of being successful in serving. Not the other way around.

Dentists are no different. For most, their vision of improving the health of patients by providing quality oral health care is what motivates them. Unfortunately, the practical reality of trying to make a profit can interfere if the vision is not integrated into daily routine.

So how do you do that?

It starts by communicating your passion to your team!

Your vision may be little more than a rough idea. That is ok. You are heading in the right direction. Let your team know your passion and that you want everyone to share it.

The second step…invite your team to contribute to that vision.

I can hear the resistance as I type. “It is my practice. I invested in it. I signed the loans. Shouldn’t it be my vision?

Well…yes…you do have final approval. But your team has skin in the game too…the skin of their time! And they will be more passionate about your success when they feel they are contributing at all levels. Include them in the process.

Step three: Articulate it. Create a vision statement. Put that dream into words…words that motivate you and your team. Words that demonstrate to your patients your commitment to their health! Let your patients see it so they can appreciate what you do.

Finally…step 4…the step that many dentists fail to follow…LIVE IT! With every task you undertake, ask how this fulfills your vision. Make your vision happen!

You make it happen by creating policies and procedures that give your vision life. You make it happen by developing job descriptions that promote your ideal patient experience. You make it happen by training your team to deliver on their commitment.

Yes…properly constructed, even the most mechanical job description can help bring your vision to life. They can assign responsibility and create accountability…responsibility for and accountability to your vision.

Without that, your vision statement may be little more than words!