How long has Dental Peers been in business?

Dental Peers was actually founded by Eileen Peers in 1984. We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. We started as a small group of 7 dental offices and then expanded across Canada.

How will Dental Peers benefit my practice?

We provide Membership Savings, from a variety of partners, with no disruption to your operations. When you are sure you’ve done everything possible to reduce costs, you can really focus on business development and revenue generation. Win – Win

Dental Peers also provides a comprehensive selection of business development and advisory services to dental practices at large. We offer analysis and advice for your contracts, financials, processes and best practices. We work closely with you and your team to develop predictable growth strategies.

We offer these services at a reduced rate to our Membership.

Why are Dental Peers Membership prices better?

We leverage the size of our membership to negotiate bulk pricing on your behalf. It’s better than individual pricing. As we grow we continue to improve our negotiating position! We are always on the lookout for services we can provide at a Membership Discount.

What if I find a lower price somewhere else?

Simply call us at Dental Peers and let us know. If an authorized distributor is selling the product, we can usually make arrangements to match or beat that price for you!

Will I place my orders through Dental Peers?

No. You will enjoy all the benefits of dealing directly with our Partners.

How will the service provider know that I am a Member of the Dental Peers Power Purchasing Group?

When you do business with an approved service provider of Dental Peers, simply provide them with your Membership Number and advise them that you have joined our group. The service provider will confirm your membership.

Can I continue with my existing service providers when join Dental Peers?

In a word, yes. You pick and choose the services that work for your business model. You are under no obligation to use all of our services – only the ones that make sense to you!

Why is Henry Schein your primary supplier?

Henry Schein is the largest authorized distributor of dental sundries in the world. This authorization assures that products and service you purchase from Henry Schein will be fully protected by any manufacturer’s warranties; as well as Henry Schein’s own warranties. When we combine this, with the excellent service Henry Schein provides to our members, partnering with them is an easy and obvious choice.

If you don’t already have one, you will be assigned a highly qualified FSC by Henry Schein. Your FSC will be available to answer your questions, visit your office; and introduce you to new products. They will ensure you are completely satisfied with the products and service they provide.

Will I still see my usual supply representatives?

Yes of course! The personal service they provide will continue as usual. We know you rely on their specific product knowledge. Membership Benefits are seen on the bottom line every time you add up the savings.

What is my commitment to Dental Peers?

Our contracts are for one year. Our Membership Renewal rate is very high. It’s pretty hard to give up great savings on superior services.

What is your contract termination policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your membership, simply provide us with one membership month’s notice and your savings with Dental Peers will cease after that time.

Why are your prices better than the prices I can negotiate on my own?

Our prices are negotiated for the long term. Suppliers will only negotiate a brief discount, on limited products, to retain your business. We leverage the size of our membership to negotiate bulk pricing on your behalf. We negotiate on behalf of over 50 dental offices in Ottawa and Calgary so the savings is more than can be achieved by any one, individual office. As we grow, we further strengthen our negotiating

This all sounds great. But wouldn’t my time be better spent looking for ways to increase my top line revenue rather than looking for ways to save on expenses?

There is no doubt increasing your top-line revenues will have a greater impact upon your bottom line. However, don’t you think that some of the money you currently spend on your dental practice would look better in your pocket rather than someone else’s? We certainly do. And since we can provide you with those savings without changing the way you operate or adding any additional stress to your life, then joining Dental Peers can offer you a great win-win proposition…more time to focus on topline production while making sure expenses are under control!

Find out how much you can save with us?