What Can Dentists Learn from the Super Bowl?

What Can Dentists Learn from the Super Bowl?

Whether you are a huge football fan or just someone who peeks at the screen once in a while between mingling with friends at a party, the Super Bowl we just watched was one for the ages. Even the most casual of fans had to find that game exciting.

And while sports is often an interesting distraction from an otherwise hectic life, there is much we can take from such events and apply to our business or personal lives. The two lessons I took from Super Bowl 51 were the importance of perseverance and adaptability.

Can You Persevere Like the Patriots?

Dentistry can be extremely fulfilling. However it can also be hard and unforgiving. Maintaining the highest standards of professional care while operating in a business climate can be a challenge.

Rather than face these challenges, some dentists stop trying to improve. “Winning” the game of dentistry becomes too hard. Opposition in the form of dental teams who do not want to change or patients who resist treatment options may seem like too much to overcome.

Facing a 25 point deficit in the third quarter, and knowing that he already had 4 Super Bowl championships to his name, Tom Brady could have given up. Instead, he stared into the abyss of what seemed like insurmountable adversity and refused to give up. The result…the first quarterback to win 5 Super Bowl titles.

You, too, can work through your adversity. If you want to take your practice to the next level, you can find a way to persevere. You need to find a way to look at your team, let them know you are there with them, and lead them to be better than they are now. Perseverance is the key!

How Do You Adapt?

Perseverance is not always enough. If what you are doing is not working, doing more of the same thing may not be enough. You need to adapt to find a different key to success.

In previous playoff games, the Patriots had a surprisingly good running game. But on Super Bowl Sunday, the Falcons had the answer. Running the ball did not work. Plus, being down 25 points with 17 minutes to play took the running game out of the equation.

So they passed the ball. And they passed it some more. And they came up with different schemes to pass the ball that the Falcons had no answer for.

In other words, they adapted to their environment and changed their game.

The dental world is changing and the past models that produced success may not be as effective as we move forward. Big money and corporate giants are changing how we run the business of dentistry. So what is your plan to adapt to this new market?

You need both skills to rise to the top. Those that adapt to the new dental world…those that persevere with ensuring their teams have the skills to follow the new game plan…those are the offices that could be champions like the Patriots. Those who fail on these fronts could wind up on the wrong end of the score…just like Atlanta did.