The BRAND New World of Dentistry

The BRAND New World of Dentistry

Some brands are so famous they are instantly recognizable. We all know the companies behind  the “Golden Arches” or the  “swoosh”. Or how about their accompanying slogans, “I’m lovin’ it” or “Just do it!”

The simple but effective logos and slogans of McDonald’s and Nike are synonymous with their brands. They convey a message to the public that people just know…almost instinctively.

That is the power of effective branding. And it is a power that has been largely unused in dentistry…until recently. More and more, dentists are embracing the power of the brand. However, many of them fail to invest in doing branding right!

The result? Quite simply…wasted money!

Money wasted because you invested in a branding strategy, including a website, signage and other documentation, that is already being used by someone else. Or because you failed to properly protect your brand and now it is being challenged by a third party.

If you are going to invest in branding – and you probably should – you need to protect that investment by doing it right. Spend the money to hire someone who truly understands marketing. They can guide you on creating something that conveys your message to your target market.

Plus they can help you develop the best campaigns that allow you to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing…spreading your message, creating awareness and generating growth.

Then you need to see an intellectual property lawyer who can help determine:

i. if another dental office is using a similar brand that might prevent you from implementing your idea; and

ii. assuming the brand is available to you, what you need to do to protect your investment by preventing anyone else from trying to use something so similar, people might confuse the two brands.

If you need some help finding experts in marketing or a law firm that can help protect that brand, we can help. We have a vast network of expert contacts that provide you with the help you need.

Don’t see your investment wasted. Your brand is your message. Take the time to develop it properly and then protect it!