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Dental school didn’t teach you everything.
But we will.

At Dental Peers we pick up where Dental school left off. We offer a variety of consultation, analysis and professional development services. We are always pleased to work closely with you and your team to build your practice to capacity. We have the skills and tools necessary for growth and evolution in today’s modern health care industry. When you join Dental Peers it’s like having the resources of a larger corporation at your fingertips.

There is strength in numbers. Especially when buying.

Leverage the combined purchase power of membership today!  Special deals are available for more than just clinical supplies. We also offer deep discounts on office supplies, insurance and other needs. We’ve done the negotiating so you can focus on your patients and your practice.


Dr. George Parry

Rideau Dental Centre

As a dentist, I understand all too well that we are small business owners who have very little time and often very little experience to truly understand the myriad of changing rules, regulations and business practices to keep their practice thriving. Dental Peers has the expertise to fill in those gaps.

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